RAMLETS (Ramsgate Local Exchange Trading System) is a community-based barter system. RAMLETS members pool their skills and resources to form a local network, which allows them to trade goods and services without using money. Instead of using pounds and pence, RAMLETS has its own 'currency' called 'Rams'. RAMLETS was started in 2014 and is one of over 450 similar systems around the country. There are similar systems throughout the world, and RAMLETS has contacts with some of them.

Anyone can become a member of RAMLETS because we all have something to offer whether it is a skill such as decorating or chiropody, or a service such as shopping or giving people a lift. Local organisations such as schools, churches, charities and businesses can join as well as individuals. A list of all the goods and services offered by members is published in a Directory which is updated and distributed to members on request, and always available via the internet. It covers cookery, gardening, hire of equipment, childcare, building and decorating and much more.The directory is also available on the web, but personal contact details are only shown to members. A ramlets.org.uk email address can be provided to redirect to a members email if required.

You earn Rams by providing a service, and spend them on something you want from the Directory. For example, you may earn credit by gardening or cooking for someone, and spend it later on reflexology or carpentry offered by other RAMLETS members. In other words, you do not have to find a straight swap. Being a member of RAMLETS is a way of getting things done when you may not have the cash to pay for them, and of helping out other people. It is also a way of keeping in touch with your local community.

Debit and Credit

RAMLETS is an independent non-profit making voluntary association.

RAMLETS is affiliated to LETSLINK UK, which co-ordinates LETS systems nationally..
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Email: info@RAMLETS.org.uk
Web:   www.RAMLETS.org.uk
Twitter: @Ramsgatelets
Facebook: ramsgatelets

Phone: 077 9324 1819