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  • RAMLETS News

  • RAMLETS hopes to launch a loyalty scheme for businesses and restaurants in the Ramsgate area. Everyone knows that persuading customers to return to a business is vital for survival.
  • Many businesses have little cards which get stamped whenever you make a purchase and after 10 or so visits you get a free cup of coffee or an extra on a food course and so on. Having the right card in the right place is sometimes a real frustration, but nearly everyone has their phone on them at all times!
  • The RAMLETS scheme uses a smartphone app which scans a QR (Quick Response) barcode at each business and records the visit on an online database.
  • The business can decide the time between scans so in some places a scan will only work once a week and other places a scan every day will count.
  • When a customer has gained enough points for a particular business they can be given a one time voucher on their phone which can be redeemed by the business.
  • When signing up for the scheme a customer becomes a member of RAMLETS. This provides an added incentive businesses can offer their clients, and they can use RAMLETS resources to send their customers special offers and news items.
  • Each business can tweak the rewards given by giving different numbers of points depending on the time of day, day of week and so on. This allows each business to attract customers at their slow periods.
  • RAMLETS supports the idea of residents supporting their local businesses and restaurants, and a workable loyalty scheme is one way to encourage this, and if more people are drawn to our local currency it could well transform the way people interact in our community.

    With a bit of dedicated work this scheme could be adapted to be used with a scheme such as Kingston Pound