Jane (balance 20 RAMs) is offering her services as a blacksmith. John (balance 5 RAMs) needs an iron front gate repaired, and agrees with Jane that he will pay 50 RAMs for the work and £25 for the materials. After the work is done John’s balance is –45 RAMs and Jane’s balance is 70 RAMs.

Jane needs a massage after all the hard work and finds Suzi (balance 10 RAMs) who offers a massage for 10 RAMs per hour which she arranges by phone. After the massage Jane’s balance is 60 RAMs and Suzi’s balance is 20 RAMs.

John rents his patio cleaner to Maureen (balance 5 RAMs) at an agreed rate of 10 RAMs per day. She uses it for 3 days and pays 30 RAMs to John. She now has –25 RAMs and John has –15 RAMs in his account.

The system works because having some members with a negative balance is necessary, since if everyone were in credit there would be little incentive to trade, and in any case the sum total value of all the transactions is zero.