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Use your judgement when browsing these links. Not all information is appropriate for all conditions.
Diabetes in Kent – statistics
NHS Podiatry Service
NHS Peripheral Neuropathy
BDA Diabetes Type 2 Resource
BDA Diabetes Type 1 Resource
Diabetes UK Forum
HbA1c Calculator
The Think Healthy Me Healthy Lifestyle Model
PHC Healthy Eating Guidelines
Continuous Glucose Monitor on prescription from NHS for T1 diabetics
Warning signs in your eyes
Weight Management with Diabetes
Eye Styes & How To Get Rid of Them
Diabetes and Vitamin D
Fork in the Road: A Hopeful Guide to Food Freedom 
Red spot on Eye by Dr. Melody Huong
Eye Floaters by Dr. Melody Huong
Q&A by Marianne Hamlyn of The Grange Practice
Diabetes rates in Swale, Thanet & Medway
Adapting medications for low carb for T2D
Do I have diabetes?
Leaflet (please print out and distribute)
Prediabetes – Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment Guide
The Friends & Family Guide to Type 1 Diabetes
Top Tips for Those Newly Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes
Top Tips for Those Newly Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes
The Best Ways to Keep Everyone in Your Home Happy, Healthy, and Well-Fed
Understanding How Resistance Training Affects Your Blood Sugar
The Healthiest Walking Workout For Diabetics
Diabetes UK
Get Free Fitness Trackers
Blood Sugar Units Converter
Metformin and breast cancer
NICE Recommended Blood Sugar levels
Paula Carr Diabetes Trust
Diabetes UK Thanet Group
Get talking about diabetes in Thanet
Adult Diabetes Specialist Nursing Service (DERIK & KAT1E)
Thanet has a higher than average diabetes rate
Footcare in the community
East Kent Diabetes Services
The Kent & Medway diabetic eye screening programme
Type 2 Diabetes: Top Foods To Avoid
Thanet CCG Locality Profile for Margate 
Reversing Type 2 Diabetes (pdf)